You’re going to attend Women’s Venture Summit 2019, right? If you own a company, have an idea for a startup, or are ready to hit one out of the park as an investor, you don’t want to miss this female-focused summit. Here are the top 10 reasons you should attend:

  1. You’ll be in the company of 40 VCs, angel investors and funds.
  2. If “pitch deck” and “due diligence” aren’t a regular part of your vocabulary, they will be by the time you leave.
  3. You’ll gain a better understanding of how an investor works – and how to guide the founder-investor conversation.
  4. You’ll be seriously inspired by badass women who’ve failed and prevailed (like Ana, who’s raised an average of $100,000 each year as a result of attending the summit)
  5. You’ll be moved by female founders who are working to serve the world’s problems (like Orianna who’s dedicated her career to improving waste management technology)
  6. You love Shark Tank and want to be Lori Greiner for the day. Yep, you’ll get to watch six female founders compete in a pitch competition – and then you’ll “invest” in your favorite after completing a due diligence simulation.
  7. You’ll be among global corporations like Women M12, Qualcomm and Sony, that are investing in women.
  8. You’ll gain a global perspective. How are investment funds flowing across borders?
  9. You’ll hear stories from REAL female founders who’ve gone from $0 to Millions.
  10. You’ll learn that you can become an investor quicker than you think.

Don’t wait! Snag a ticket RIGHT NOW and invest in yourself as you want others to invest in you!