About our NEW Investor Day:

Investor Day 2019

We’re delighted to announce Investor Day at Women’s Venture Summit 2019! The goal of this NEW all-day event is to help new, early and even experienced investors understand how to maximize their portfolio returns.

As investors, we have innate ways of reviewing and speaking to female entrepreneurs. But did you know you may be asking the wrong questions when you’re speaking to female founders? Questions that may be limiting your ability to build the best portfolio?

A field study conducted on question and answer interactions at TechCrunch Disrupt New York City during 2010 through 2016 revealed that investors tend to ask male entrepreneurs promotion-focused questions and female entrepreneurs prevention-focused questions, and that entrepreneurs tend to respond with matching regulatory focus. (source: Academy of Management Journal)

Investor Day at Women’s Venture Summit will give you unique tools to review and interact with companies differently – and the ability to see women-owned companies through a new lens.

Led by Ad Astra Ventures’ founders and experienced investors, Allison Long Pettine, Vidya Dinamani and Silvia Mah, this event will teach investors how to improve their due diligence process and significantly change the way we interact with female-led companies. Based on significant research and practical lessons learned from their own accelerator, Allison, Vidya and Silvia will share with you how they’ve modified their investment process.

Throughout the day, you’ll uncover nine unconscious biases that impact us as founders and investors – and understand how this shapes our perspective. You’ll be given tools to overcome these biases and the chance to put these tools into practice over live sessions with founders.

90% of startups fail. When you’re an investor, you’re lucky to hit one out of the ballpark, so why not beat the odds with us? Sign up now.

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