Why the Women’s Venture Summit Is What Venture Needs

by Lisa Calhoun: GP, Valor Ventures; Boards / MyAgData, SmartCommerce, Women Who Code. Chair, Startup Runway. Kauffman Fellows Class 23 When I first heard of the Women's Venture Summit, I knew it was different. And in venture capital, an industry defined by outliers, different is not only good—it’s the only thing [...]

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What’s your Inspiration Capital?

by Ashok Kamal, Social Entrepreneur & Angel Investor Executive Director @techcoastangels | Angel @outsiteco etc. | Co-founder theschoolofrap.com | Aspiring surfer | Fantasy baseball aficionado | Presentist Social entrepreneurship heals one of the world’s most unfortunate — and common — ailments: hating work. In fact, research shows that an alarming 70% of people are unhappy with their jobs. While [...]

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